This pack has everything you need to replicate the samadhi quesadilla at home. 
It includes roasted potato, nacho beans and garlic oil filing, two tortillas, baby spinach, cashew cheese, capsicum sauce and lemon to serve. 

How to make
Heat up a toaster press (easiest) or large pan or oven
 simply layout the tortillas spread the cashew cheese on one half of each tortilla. 
Halve the baby spinach and capsicum sauce between the two tortillas on top of the cashew cheese. 
Fold in half then
sprinkle lightly with oil and place in press for about 3mins or on a medium heated pan for 2-3 mins per side using a spatula to flip. 
Cut into desired size then serve with lemon wedge. 

Quesadilla Pack for 2ppl

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