In this pack is everything you need to make the mushroom burger at home minus the frying oil. 
The pack includes, 
2 portobello or field mushrooms (depends on availability)
Salt and pepper flour
2 turkish buns
1 tomato
1/2 avo
Slaw, dressing and pesto

How to make-
You will need a pot for deep frying and oil. Place a pot on a medium heat with about 4cm of oil
Heat to about 180degrees
While heating place the s&p flour in a medium bowl then fill the container with water 1.5 times and add to the flour and whisk. Place mushrooms in the batter. To check the heat of the oil place one drop of batter in, the batter should bubble and fry. When this happens place one mushroom in and cook for 2mins each side, depending on size of the pot you can do both mushrooms at once or just one at a time.
Toast your buns and mix the slaw with the dressing. Put avo on the bottom of the buns then cut the tomato and put on. Then add dressed slaw and place the hot crispy mushroom ontop. Garnish with pesto and bun top and enjoy.

Note* - ( the fryer oil can be used up to 4 times) Use a larger pot to allow for the oil to rise when cooking. If you're not confident please research on you tube how to deep fry in a pan

Mushroom Burger Pack for two

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